Most Common Causes Of Electrical Accidents And Injuries

Electric power supply and electrical fixtures are some of the best inventions the world has ever seen. Electric power makes life easier for human beings by driving all aspects of life. At home, almost everything relies on electric power. However, electricity can be hazardous when handled carelessly. Many people lose their lives and properties because of fire outbreaks and shock from faulty electrical fixtures, appliances, and power suppliers.

A professional electrician should only handle electric fixtures and repairs. Most electrical accidents and injuries occur because of ignorance. Some of the common causes of electrical hazards can be stopped only if every user knows the dangers. This article will highlight all the common causes of electrical hazards. Continue reading to learn how to stay safe while handling electrical appliances and power supplies.

Electric shock

Electric shock is the most common cause of injuries and losses of lives as far hazards of electricity are concerned. Electric shock ranges from mild to moderate to severe.

Most people have been exposed to mild and moderate electric shock. Those that have lost their lives or become admitted in hospitals due to electric shock have been exposed to severe electrocution. The shock is transmitted through the arm, hand, or fingers. An electric current runs through the body, and the current’s strength determines the extent of harm caused. Therefore, water and the current strength are the main factors that determine the extent of the harm it courses.

Electrical burn

Electric burn usually corresponds with a moderate or severe electric shock. The strength of the current determines the extent to which electrical burns occur. Apart from burning the superficial part of the skin, electric burn cause a lot of damage to the body’s internal parts. Avoid handling naked electric wires and appliances.

Electrical Fires

Faulty power supplies and electrical fixtures can cause fires when live wires join. Electric fires may not directly harm you, but the fire is vibrant and gets easily propagated by furniture and other items in the house. Many people have lost their lives because of electrical fires. Therefore, make sure that you alert an electrician earlier whenever you note a faulty live wire lying around. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher to put out fires that may arise from electrical faults. Electrical fires can only be amplified when flammable materials catch fire. This can be extremely dangerous, and you are required to exit the house and call for help from the authorities.

Attempting to Repair Electrical fixtures

Do not be silly to fix electrical problems if you are not a qualified electrician. Experience is important when it comes to fixing electrical problems. Trying to fix an electrical problem can cause more danger and further issues. THG Electrical Adelaide eletricians are taught to handle electrical fixtures and power supplies which utmost care. Being their area of specialization, you need to contact an experienced electrician when you note a problem. If you have been electrocuted before and survived, you should find a counseling professional to help you go through this traumatic experience.