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Sunday, 10 November 2013 10:03

Title :Speech Recognition using Neural Networks

Author (s) : G.Vani Jayasri, T.Gayathri, Dr.YSSR Murthy (PDF Full Text)


Title :EAP-Based Security Level and Three- Tier Packet Scheduling for Real-Time Wireless Networks

Author (s) : R.Priscilla Joy(PDF Full Text)


Title :Optimization Techniques for Smart Antenna Beamforming

Author (s) : Nayan B. Shambharkar,Prakash M. Mainkar,G. N. Mulay (PDF Full Text)


Title :Energy Efficient Sharing and Multicasting of Video over Wireless Networks

Author (s) :P.Kalaiselvi, P.Dinesh (PDF Full Text)


Title :Random Walked Based Intrusion Detection System in MANET

Author (s) : Pooja K. Mahajan, Prof. E. Jayanthi (PDF Full Text)


Title :Design And Implementation of Inter-Infrastructure and Vehicle Communication for Traffic Information Sharing

Author (s) : Pradnya Kamble,Shraddha Meshram, Manali Kshirsagar (PDF Full Text)


Title :On Enhancing the Performance of Capacity of Ad hoc Wireless Networks using Directional Antennas

Author (s) : Sanjeev Kumar Srivastava, Ranjana D. Raut (PDF Full Text)


Title :Home Is Where The Femtocell Is

Author (s) :Shamita Chakraborty(PDF Full Text)


Title :Re-Shuffling Packet Attack on TCP Based MANET

Author (s) : Sonia Choudhary ,Vandana Verma (PDF Full Text)


Title :A Study on Routing Attacks and Key Solutions in MANETS

Author (s) : Sudarsanan.D, Megha.J , Sharanabasava (PDF Full Text)


Title :Key Distribution in Wireless Sensor Networks using Quantum Cryptography

Author (s) : Biswapati Jana, Soamdeep Singha, Sharmistha Jana (PDF Full Text)


Title :A Dynamic Session Key Generation Method to Secure Data Routing In Heterogeneous Sensor Networks

Author (s) : K Praveen Kumar, B Premamayudu, D Nagabhushanam (PDF Full Text)


Title :Event-driven Data Dissemination in VANET using ADEM Algorithm

Author (s) : Neethu C Sekhar ,Neenu R (PDF Full Text)


Title :Delay Reduction By Using Shortest Path For Critical Event In WSN

Author (s) : M.Karpaga Rajkumar,  S.Manikandan , B.Jegathees Kumar (PDF Full Text)


Title :Energy Efficient Information Transportation in Multi-hop Wireless Network and Link Protection using Information Encoding Technique

Author (s) : Santosh Reddy, Veeresh Biradar ,  Vishwa Kiran,  Shankar B Sajjan (PDF Full Text)


Title :Data Interleaving Technique: A Novel Approach for Speech Transmission through Adaptive Multi-rate Codec

Author (s) : Hemant Purohit , Dr. K.L. Sharma (PDF Full Text)


Title :Data Forfeiture Forbidding for Multihop Wireless Broadcast Routing in VANET

Author (s) : G.Kavitha, K.Aravindhan (PDF Full Text)


Title :Network Intrusion Detection system- A Study in Cloud Computing Environment

Author (s) : K.Santhi Sri, PRSM Lakshmi (PDF Full Text)


Title :Reputation based and Trust based model in VANET

Author (s) : Praveena R, Rajeswari M, Uma Maheswari P, Aswiga R V, Jayanthi S (PDF Full Text)


Title :Detection of Misbehaving Nodes in Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Author (s) : Shweta Rohilla, Pankaj Sharma (PDF Full Text)


Title :Dynamic Path Optimization CBET Technique using for Manets

Author (s) : Sunar Arif Hussain, Dr. K.E.Sreenivasa Murthy (PDF Full Text)


Title :A Survey Report On Security In Communication Network

Author (s) : M. N. P. Swetha Priya (PDF Full Text)


Title :A Study of Safety Systems and Issues in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author (s) : Somani Sunil,Dr. Rahul Malhotra (PDF Full Text)

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